Coding Career Journey: How Amiel Secured his Dream Tech Job with NexSeed and Zuitt 

When Amiel discovered Zuitt’s Financial Aid by NexSeed, it was the perfect opportunity for a fresh college graduate like him – a Free Coding Training with a Job Guarantee.

Amiel is a Computer Engineering graduate from the University of St. La Salle. Right after graduation, he started looking for jobs and came across a great offer from NexSeed and Zuitt which he believes would be the stepping stone for him to become a Web Developer.

After his training with Zuitt, he now works as a Software Engineer at NexSeed, an English & Tech Academy based in Cebu City, Philippines.

Zuitt partnered with NexSeed to provide learning opportunities matched with a job guarantee for individuals like Amiel. Learn more about the collaboration from this interview with NexSeed’s CTO, Hirai-san.

(Interviewed by Adrianne Saldua)

Discovering Zuitt’s Financial Aid by NexSeed

—— How did you find out about the collaboration between NexSeed and Zuitt?

Actually, after graduation, I started to look for jobs on Linkedin, and then I found out about this offer on Jobstreet. I was actually looking for a job wherein I would be able to be trained first. I did not want to go into a job that I have no idea about. That’s what made me think that this offer is good.

—— Did you consider working in the IT industry – even before? 

Actually before, I was more focused on Hardware. During the pandemic, a lot of opportunities came but it is more on Software. So, what I had in mind was just I would grab the opportunity and check if it would really be for me. And gladly, right now, I am really enjoying software engineering.

—— What was appealing about the scholarship?

About the Scholarship, the idea of the job guarantee – that something is waiting for me after the training. I think it’s a safe path for me to have the training and job guarantee.

—— How would you weigh the importance of scholarship vs. job guarantee? Which of the two was more important for you in your opinion?


Before going to the Bootcamp, my coding skills for web development, I would say out of 10, it’s only 2. The training was really important to me because I didn’t want to work in NexSeed if I’m not ready.  It was important for me that the Bootcamp made me ready.

The job offer from NexSeed made me experience a lot of projects that helped me develop more career-wise.

—— What was the main factor that made you decide to apply for the NexSeed offer?

The main factor was of course the training. That was important for me. And next, I also considered that if I will work it’s somewhere close to my hometown – Bacolod City.

—— For those who would like to try this same offer/this same path that you took with NexSeed, what is your advice? 

I would say, especially for the new graduates who wanted to try this same path and to have this experience, I think it’s better to be in a Bootcamp. This will help you become prepared for going into a job as a developer. It will really enhance your skill. 

—— What were the things that you wish you knew before you signed up for a Bootcamp?

First of all, I wish I knew there was a Bootcamp earlier.

I actually did not know that there was one. I realized after graduating from Zuitt that a Bootcamp will open a lot of doors for you. Many other companies send out job offers to me. I am thankful to NexSeed for giving me this opportunity. 

—— How did you feel when you got selected for the program?

It was a very exciting time for me. After graduating, I was a bit hesitant about my skills and capabilities. Even though my academic records are already good, usually, companies would reject me. At first, I didn’t know why I was getting rejected. I’m not really sure why. But this time, when I got the job offer, it made me really happy.

I would like to thank the company for giving me the opportunity to recognize my worth. I trained hard because of the opportunity given to me. 

From Zuitt Training to the NexSeed Workforce

—— Did you try learning how to code on your own?

Back in college, we were more focused on languages other than Web Development – like HTML, CSS, and Javascript. These are our minor subjects. Not much was tackled on these subjects.

After graduation, what I did was I watched and checked YouTube tutorial videos about it but it was a little bit lacking. That was the time I was able to join the Bootcamp with Zuitt where I was able to fully absorb everything.

—— How was your self-study experience? 

I think it is more of me not getting what I really want that much because if I would ask questions, no one would be there to answer it. And then, I just need to search more. But if you have someone who you could ask directly, things are faster to learn.

When I started studying from YouTube tutorial videos, for me, it was not enough. Because when I started with the bootcamp, I realized that some things I learned on my own were not really the proper way to do things.

—— Are there any pros and cons to studying in a Bootcamp?

I think studying in a Bootcamp is more systematic. There’s a path that you would be able to follow. Because if you study on your own, it’s a little scattered and your own ideas could not be in order.

So if you study in a Bootcamp, things would go on smoothly. You will learn from the basics to the advance. So, it’s more systematic.

—— What were your expectations before you started the actual Bootcamp?

Before the Bootcamp, I was really scared because it was my first time encountering a Bootcamp. I was expecting that if I could finish the training, I would be able to do the tasks and codes that I do not have any idea about yet.

Fortunately, Zuitt instructors were able to teach very well. I was able to fulfill my tasks and was able to finish everything. 

—— What was the highlight of your training (main course + short courses)?

I think being able to feel appreciated as well in Zuitt. After the Bootcamp, I got the Top 1 performer in my batch. The highlight of my training is my whole journey in the Bootcamp. 

Starting the Bootcamp, I was kind of lost but after finishing it, it made things clear. I was able to fully understand everything from the basics down to everything.

—— What was your favorite thing about the Bootcamp?

Joining the Bootcamp, not only that I was able to learn, but also the people I learned with. It was fun. If there’s a Q&A, my classmates were able to share their thoughts and ideas. And by those, it helped me learn as well.

—— How did Zuitt prepare you for your role at NexSeed?

It’s good that Zuitt taught me all the necessary technologies. I believe that with all the technologies that were taught to me, I was able to implement them here in NexSeed. And I do not have much of a struggle because I have experienced the technologies while training at Zuitt. 

A different onboarding process – boot camper with a guaranteed job

—— What is your role in NexSeed? Tell us about the nature of your work. 

I am a Software Engineer at NexSeed.

Most of the projects right now are on Web Development. I am actually assigned to Shopify Projects like Stores and Applications. I was able to finish an application and it’s actually already launched in the app store. I am currently working on the 3rd application. I am really mostly working on Shopify projects.

—— How long have you been working for NexSeed?

I started on March 8, 2021. Nearly 11 months. Almost a year working for Nexseed.

—— How was your experience in your transition from Bootcamp to NexSeed?

I would say that it was very smooth because when I was transferred here, the tasks that were given to me were the same technologies I have learned from the Bootcamp. Some technologies were React.js and node.js. 

It was very smooth also because of the guidance from everyone in Zuitt and NexSeed. Everyone is very friendly. I did not experience any hardships during the transition period.

—— What struck you the most about your first few weeks on the job?

I think that it would be the project assigned to me. We had 1 to 2 weeks of preparation to work on a sample application. 

But after that sample application, I was then assigned to a real project. I actually said to my boss that I felt like I was not ready. But a night after that, it made me realize that I should accept the challenge. And even though I was scared, I told my boss that I would still do my best for that project. And then along the way, while developing the project, It made me realize that – “you will be able to improve if you are not that scared to accept new challenges. It will help you improve your skills. It will also make you independent.” 

It is scary but it really helped me a lot after. 

—— About the OJT (demo project) given to you and your team at the start of your onboarding with NexSeed, are there any particular learnings/realizations that you got from that experience?

I think that the demo project is more focused on team development. You would really need to work as a team. You will not be able to do things on your own. You have to communicate with your team members. You would be able to share your ideas. And I think that is the main point of the demo project. We were able to bond as a team so that we would be able to successfully do the project.

—— What were the company’s remarks on your output?

The one thing I remembered was when our Senior said that “It was beyond his expectations.” We are very happy with that one.

—— What was your motivation for committing to NexSeed?

I felt very appreciated here in Nexseed. I have received 3 awards from them and it’s actually an overwhelming thing for me. I have only been here for a year.

Also, the working environment here is very good. Everyone here is very friendly. You could always ask for help from other Engineers here. Everyone is helping each other. That is why I really like to stay here at NexSeed.

Success as a developer of NexSeed “Mindset and Motivation”

—— You mentioned that you received 5 awards.

Yes. These are 3 different categories but a total of 5 awards throughout my almost a year working in NexSeed. 

The first award is the MVP for the month of July, and then also for October and November. And then for the Mid-year, I received the Nexseed award of appreciation. It is given to the employees who are committed to their tasks. The last one is the Nexseed award of excellence. And that is my biggest achievement and I am really thankful for that.

—— What can you say about your career as a developer?

Being able to work here is a good stepping stone for my career. I am not expecting that much because I am still a rookie. So what I am really focused on right now is getting more experience and learning more.

—— What is your attitude towards building your career as a developer?

I think maybe just to take things one step at a time. I really want to focus on studying a lot. Because with that goal, I would be able to reach it if I keep on studying. Continuous learning and building experience with NexSeed.

—— Can you see it as a career in the long run?

Actually, working at NexSeed made me realize what I really want. We are also asked what we want in our future during evaluations.

While working on a project, it also made me realize that I wanted to do the managing. I would really like to be a tech leader or a Project manager. I think to be a project manager, it’s also important for you to be a developer first. Because it will be very hard for you to manage if you do not have any idea on what you are managing so i think this is a very good stepping stone for me.

—— In the Philippines, we have this trend in career building (especially for new professionals in Tech) that in order to earn more, you would have to jump from one job/company to another. What are your thoughts on this?

I think it’s more of their way of thinking. I think practicality is really important for us, especially in this pandemic. For me, it’s more of doing the things that I like but with balance. As long as I am paid well and enjoying my job, and I’m getting the benefits that I deserve, I think there is no reason for me to do job-hopping. This will make you feel content with everything that you have.

I think it depends on the person but for me that’s what I feel. If I feel safe and content, then I think it’s ok to stay. But also, if the time comes that you feel like you need to explore more, then it’s also good too. I do not think it’s good to do the job-hopping thing year by year. That’s my opinion.

—— In terms of job security, do you have confidence in your current career? In what particular aspect? 

This career path is very good since we all know that technology is dominant in this pandemic. 

I would say it’s secure because the opportunities here are very big. You can actually apply to a lot of jobs. When looking for jobs on job portals, there are a lot of job openings for developers. As long as you are equipped with the skills then you are good to go.

—— What are you looking forward to as you work in NexSeed?

I am looking forward to seeing my growth as a Software Engineer. Right now, there are still a lot of things I have to learn. I would really want to experience everything and handle more projects that will develop my skills as a Software Engineer.

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