FREE WEBINAR | TheCode: Why Coding Literacy is Important Today | June 3, 2020, 1PM PHT

Great news! Zuitt Coding Bootcamp will be having a Free Webinar entitled TheCode: Why Coding Literacy is Important Today on June 3, 2020, Wednesday, 1PM PHT via Google Meet.

Explore how coding skills can help give you an edge whether you are a professional or a student. Let Zuitt help you look for inspiration or give you clarity on what it means to be a literate in coding. 


Joining this webinar could be a great jumpstart to:

  • Coding Curious Individuals
  • Those who aim for a Developer job

If you wish to know more about how coding can help you on your search to career advancement goals, then this webinar could be for you. 

Aside from sharing our ideas on the importance of coding literacy for today’s generation, we would be having a Q&A part for those individuals who would like to gain insights on:

  • What particular coding knowledge they should acquire
  • How they can learn to code amid this pandemic
  • How web development helps various industries 
  • What are the  things to consider when aiming to become a Software Engineer
  • What necessary coding skills are needed to get a specific job role in the Tech Industry 
  • How coding skills can help with their businesses

When you attend this webinar, we would also gladly answer your inquiries regarding Zuitt’s Online Bootcamp. Career Advisors will join us in this webinar to give light on this topic.

This webinar is completely FREE. We encourage you to take less than an hour of your day with us. Our goal is to make this webinar worthwhile, insightful, and interactive as much as possible.

Few reminders for all attendees:

  1. Install Google Meet on Mobile or use your browser
  2. Mark your calendars and set your alarm
  3. Bookmark or Save Webinar Link:


Register now and save your slot. Do you know someone who could benefit from this free webinar? Send them this LINK TO REGISTRATION. 

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