Zuitt Hosts a Free Webinar on TheCode: Why Coding Literacy is Important Today

The first run of the free webinar about the importance of coding literacy happened on June 3, 2020, Wednesday, 1PM PHT via Google Meet.

Zuitt Instructor, Terrence Gaffud, discussed the things you need to consider if you want to learn how to code and the importance of coding literacy nowadays.

You might wonder how coding can help with the new normal. It is foreseen that the pandemic we are facing for months now would not die down easily. 

Businesses are working on new ways to continue with their services. Schools are in need of online learning platforms. Globally, technology is helping us adapt and find new ways to move forward. Opportunities for new developers are more stable compared to other industries as it is observed in the job posts in various platforms.

Zuitt took this chance to educate coding curious individuals, even those who plan to shift careers to tech with a Free Webinar to discuss the important considerations and why coding literacy should be part of their upskill goals.

The webinar’s attendees were mostly career shifters and professionals who want to acquire a new skill that will be very helpful in our current situation. After the topic discussion they were given the chance to ask questions that were later on answered by the speakers.

Here are some of the questions they asked:

  • What specs will you recommend if we want to purchase a laptop that we can use for the training as well as work as developers in the future?
  • What programming languages can you recommend to start as a beginner?
  • How much is the fee for the bootcamp?
  • In a capstone project, how many months or days to create per capstone? 
  • Do you have any tentative date when your normal operation will be back?
  • After the bootcamp, would Zuitt agree that I can use my coding knowledge for part-time or project based jobs? Or should I pursue a completely full-time position?
  • If we are to invite a friend or a relative who’s I think is interested in bootcamp. Should we just direct them to message you on Facebook? 

Did you miss this free webinar? Tune in here to get updated on our future webinars. 

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