Cheers to our Online Bootcamp completers! 

Our 55th Batch of Day Class Bootcampers has officially completed their Full Stack Web Development training via Online Bootcamp. Another set of web developers enters the Tech Industry.

This batch of Bootcampers is one of the few batches who started from Zuitt’s lab-based instruction and transitioned to online live instruction.

Their Online Commencement was held last May 15, 2020 via video conferencing. 

Congratulations to Batch 55 Day Class! 


To start the event, Instructor Marty  congratulated everyone and reminded the whole batch of their tenacity and passion for learning all throughout their journey with Zuitt.

For this batch, it hasn’t been easy. A lot has happened in the course of their training. Instructor Marty stated:

“Congratulations! After almost 5 months of coding, you guys made it! Hindi kayo nagpa-pigil kahit pa sa Taal Eruption, at pati COVID-19, you really pushed through para lang matapos ang inyong bootcamp.”

Aside from that,  Zuitt CEO Tomohisa Kato joined the online commencement to congratulate everyone on their milestone. He gave everyone a quick tip for job hunting and thanked them for trusting Zuitt.


Next is the awarding of Special Awards.

In every batch, bootcampers are awarded for their individualities. As they go through their training among their co-bootcampers, instructors also take note of their student’s character. 

The winners of the Special Awards are as follows:

  • Enthusiastic Learner Award: Archie B. & Gerardino A.
  • Outstandingly Organized Award:  Celmer M.
  • Really Responsible Award: Mabelle P.
  • Awesome Attitude Award: Rosette L.
  • Outstanding Mentor Award: Celmer M.
  • Most Likely to be Famous Award: Celmer M. & Rosette L.
  • Most Likely to Establish Own Startup Someday Award: Albert B.
  • Batch Mover and Shaker: Gerardino A.
  • Exceptional Character Award: Celmer M.
  • Engagement Champion: Rosette L.
  • Most Innovative Projects: Gerardino A.
  • Extraordinary Diligence Award: Mark O.
  • Task and Time Management Master: Janica D.
  • Best in Logic: Celmer M.
  • Best in UI/UX: Gerardino A.
  • Batch MVP: Celmer M.
  • Best Capstone 1: Gerardino A.
  • Best Capstone 2: Mark O.
  • Best Capstone 3: Celmer M.

Congratulations to all Special Award winners! 


Batch Instructor Alfred invited a friend of his, Sir Clint, an IT graduate from PUP, to give the bootcampers a sneak peak of what it is like to be in the industry. 

Some of the key takeaways from Sir Clint’s journey as a Web Developer are as follows.

About creativity: “Innovation is your key to success. Everyone is really encouraged to think outside the box.”

About collaboration: “I was never really afraid to speak up and so I always ask questions whenever I don’t understand something. I am never hesitant to throw in inquiries and also formulate my own idea and share it with the team.”

About career growth: “I also realized in my journey as a web developer that you can’t always get things right at the first time most especially in designing softwares because softwares is ever-evolving. The design, the architecture, the code are really dynamic and it really changes its phases based on the current markets that we need.”

About direction and change: “I think Software development is not about perfection, it’s about direction. You need to take it a little step at a time. Gather feedback and reflect on that information, then change the directions as needed. If stuck between two or more options, choose the option that will make change easier in the future. That is actually a line from Dave Thomas.”

About Failure: “Failure is an opportunity to learn. Failing early means learning early. Fail fast, learn fast.”


Of course, it’s time for their instructor to share who among them were exceptional. 

Among the graduates, here are Batch 55’s Top Academic Performers:

  • Gerardino A.
  • Celmer M.
  • Mark O.

Congratulations to the top performers of this batch!


Last days are always hard. To end the celebration, as a gift, the class prepared a quick presentation for their Batch Instructor, Sir Redd, to show him their appreciation and gratitude.

Congratulations and we wish you all the best, Batch 55 Day Class!