Instructor’s Verdict Part 2

Hi there! If you’re new to the blog, this post is part two of the instructor’s insights about our students’ first week outputs which you can read about here. You can also take a look at the first part here.

Let’s get started!

The sixth among 10 to be presented is this Dog enthusiasts website. Well isn’t this the most adorable thing you’ve seen all day? I mean, look at those puppy eyes and furry little paws. Sooo cute! This site definitely  hits the spot for dog lovers out there.

I personally loved the use of white negative space here because it forces our eyes to instantly focus on the site’s main theme – dogs. Plus, the colors of the images blend with the white space so well! On the other hand, some elements such as font color, icon sizes and border colors can still be tweaked for the design to look more coherent. But overall, I like how the design was conceptualized.

Looking at the code, its readability can still be improved by providing the necessary indentations and spacing.

Average audience rating: 3.33/5

Next up is this Web Development News Website. During conceptualization, the student had lots of ideas that he wanted to incorporate in his website but had trouble executing said ideas. It is pretty normal for beginners to feel this way as they sometimes get overwhelmed by their limitless imagination. However for starters, I applaud the dedication and effort put into this output – being his first time to ever code a website from scratch, this is a feat in itself!

In general, the design could still be greatly improved and more contents can be added for it to look like the way he wanted it to. The code, however, is a different story. I saw how organized and well-written they were. In addition, he’s one of those students who used comments to document his codes that’s why it’s very nice to read. Kudos!

Average audience rating: 2.25/5


Remember in the previous post where I mentioned one website which sat comfortably in my top 3 spots for best websites of the batch? Well, this Payroll Web Service gains the top spot! Design-wise, I think everything looks spot on. Every color, font, icon, background, margins and spaces were incredibly conceptualized  and well-executed. Moreover, if you were to browse this website, it resembles those trending sites nowadays which have flat, modern look and feel to them which are perfect for businesses. This kid is definitely  up with the latest in web design trends.

Upon inspecting the codes, its CSS was also one of the most organized I’ve seen among the batch. Some naming conventions were used and the overall structure is just really commendable. One point for improvement though is to avoid duplicating many CSS codes among external stylesheets. Other than that, this website is also ready to be out there for the world to see.

Average audience rating: 4.71/5


Spoken Word Community Website

Originally a personal blog site, this website evolved into a Spoken Word Community Website after taking inspiration from the Game of Thrones website of one of her classmates. She thought, if the latter’s audience caters to GOT fans, there’s got to be a particular audience she could target as well. Then came the idea of a Spoken Word Community website where she’s currently interested in.

I love the whole idea! This website has the necessary sections and pages for someone who wants to know more about spoken word and be involved in its community. In terms of aesthetics, I think more styling can be done to give it more personality; however as a whole, this is already a great start.

Code-wise, her HTML and CSS were written nicely and there isn’t much things to avoid doing or watch out for. Good job!

Average audience rating (original website): 3.29/5


Books Enthusiasts Website

Last but certainly not the least for week 1’s output is this website for book lovers. Although she struggled at first in finding a theme to work on, I’m glad that she was finally able to pull off one which is now a more improved version of the one she originally presented. This time with more contents and visuals, the website is off to a great start.

To improve the landing page, I think it would be awesome if the title of the website would be placed  as an overlay to the big Mockingjay pin image used as a banner. On the other hand, the Author page is looking lovely with those gold embellishments. Meanwhile, the other pages look neat and modern but some of the colors are not consistent with the theme. I think the overall design will look more coherent if the colors were built on the prominent tones of the banner image used – gold, white and warm hues.

Average audience rating (original website): 2.66/5

Those are our first 10 websites so far! In conclusion, I was more than satisfied with their output considering the limited amount of time they were given to work. Some really stood out, few struggled but kept their determination to finish, and others delivered praiseworthy work. All in all, I am happy with the turnout. There is still room for improvement in some aspects but the most important thing is they now know the basics of creating a website. I’m sure that with more practice, they can become great web designers and developers someday. Tuitt staff members also share the same sentiment. More than ever, we are looking forward to their future outputs and progress as they continue with their bootcamp training. Good luck, kids!

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