Start of Second Week

The sun is up, the birds are tweeting and the computers are up and running! The second week of coding bootcamp has officially began!

For this week, the students were introduced to another instructor who will be handling the next set of topics.

Caught red-handed! Haha just kidding, sir.

This time, they will learn more about the back-end side of Web Development. Their logic skills will also be challenged as they perform exercises that tackle about creating solutions to problems and coming up with efficient algorithms.

See, the intructor seemed to be all smiles, too!
As usual, we were snooping around and we’re so glad to see students apply what they learned from the previous week! Good job, guys!

Meanwhile, here are some of our students getting deep into the zone.

Add more weeks in and we might just have to put this sign outside the training room.

From time to time, we can hear laughters from outside the training room and it gives us the impression that the students are having a good time! Of course, we are overjoyed about this because we really aimed for the trainees to have enjoyable peer interaction and at the same time, to learn as a group.

That’s it for now! We’ll keep you posted for more.