The transition from offline to online bootcamp didn’t stop our 54th Batch of Night Class students to officially complete their 4 months Full Stack Web Development training. They are our pilot batch who completed our online bootcamp.

The Online Commencement was held last April 30, 2020 via video conferencing.

Congratulations to Batch 54 Night Class! 


To start the event, Batch Instructor Arvin congratulated everyone and gave a short pep talk to all the Bootcamp completers. He then called out Zuitt CTO and Co-Founder Allister Alambra for the Opening Remarks.

“Congratulations for making it this far! I am really happy for you guys kasi if I am not mistaken you guys would be the first batch to finish this bootcamp and sobrang kayo pa ang una during the pandemic. So I think that is something that you could write down, something that you could remember. Congratulations once again!”

Zuitt CTO and Co-Founder Allister Alambra

As a reminder of what they have accomplished, he also gave emphasis to the first few challenges that they overcame. 

“I want you to remember the things that you’ve overcome. So, firstly, remember that kahit ano pa yung mapagdaanan ninyong difficulties in the coming days even as you work as a Software Engineer, the first thing that you have overcome is one, yung kaba, and yung perhaps the doubt of wanting to learn how to code, kasi in the first place nag-enroll kayo, you took on Zuitt’s challenge and you finished this course by going through daily coding exercises.”

Zuitt CTO and Co-Founder Allister Alambra

He reminded everyone about their grit, determination and passion for learning as they pushed through their bootcamp training even if there is an ongoing pandemic. 

“I hope that we can all keep the passion for learning as the time goes on. And the way I see it, as more and more of our bootcampers go out there and join the Software Engineering field, hopefully the way that we can give more opportunities for everyone, everywhere is through something we can do here in the Philippines. It’s not just restricted to the idea of working abroad, but even among fellow Filipinos, we can keep the spirit of as wholesome as that alive.”

Zuitt CTO and Co-Founder Allister Alambra

“Always remember that this is not the end. Definitely, Zuitt and the instructors would want to always keep improving ourselves. Seeing someone pushing through from day 1 till the end, it’s always a happy feeling for me because, in my head, these are new Software Engineers that we had given guidance to learn for their passion and can go and enjoy the industry as well. We’re not limited by the usual constraints or difficulties that are kind of gatekeeping the true talents within the Filipino community.”

Zuitt CTO and Co-Founder Allister Alambra

The bootcampers applaud him, unmuting quickly to thank Sir Allister for his wonderful and inspirational talk. Batch Instructor Arvin thanked Sir Allister for his speech.

“I hope that everyone was able to take a few words to live by na by this point you should all realize na you are all Certified Software Engineers.”

Batch Instructor Arvin


And now, for one of the awaited moments during commencement day, the awarding of special awards for the bootcampers. This is to recognize the talents and skills that everybody contributed just to get to this day.

To start, Batch Instructor Arvin gave a quick speech about the importance of these special awards. He said:

“I hope you guys appreciate these special awards because even with the short amount of time,  these are the things that I was able to see within you guys. And I hope that you will be proud and tell everybody that you have this kind of award.” 

Batch Instructor Arvin

The winners of the Special Awards are as follows:

  • Kindness Counts Award: Roselle B.
  • Awesome Attitude Award: Matthew N.
  • Confident Kid Award: Joseph Y.
  • Enthusiastic Learner Award: Michael Q.
  • Outstandingly Organized Award:  Michael Q.
  • Friendly Neighbor Award: Patricia R.
  • Really Responsible Award: Cary M.
  • Most Likely to be Famous Award: Jericho S.
  • Most Likely to Establish Own Startup Someday Award: Michael Q.
  • Student Able to Teach Others Award: Jericho S.
  • Most Improved Award: Agnes N.
  • Most Meticulous Award: Carisma D.
  • Most Inquisitive Award: Raphael L.
  • Self-Sufficient Award: Lovely F.
  • Most Innovative Projects Award: Carisma D.
  • Extraordinary Diligence Award: Matthew N.
  • Exceptional Character Award: Agnes N.
  • Best in Logic: Joseph Y.
  • Best in UI/UX: Michael Q.

Congratulations to all Special Award winners! 


On commencement day, Instructors invite a Zuitt Alumni to talk to all fresh completers of the bootcamp to give inspiration and encouragement. This is to give them a boost of morale as they continue their next chapter as a Full Stack Web Developer.

Batch Instructor Arvin invited his co-bootcamper from Batch 46, Sir Mark, a former Director of Sales, Graphic Designer, and Music Producer. 

He studied at Zuitt because he was curious about coding. Eventually, he found it really interesting. He brought up his childhood interest which is designing his own multiply account and says that it’s probably one of the reasons why he joined Zuitt.

“Lahat tayo naranasan natin yung mga sleepless nights. Actually, lahat tayo pinagdaanan natin yung walang tulog dahil sa mga capstones, especially yung Capstone 2!”

Mark, Batch 46 Zuitt Alumni

He proceeded by giving out some job hunting tips.

“Once na magsususbmit kayo ng job application niyo, be sure na yung inaapplayan niyo ay yung role na gustong gusto niyo. Though may mga hiring companies na okay, pero kung wala naman sa skills niyo, you can easily adapt naman.”

Mark, Batch 46 Zuitt Alumni

As a best practice he added:

“Always set goals. Prepare yourself for the future that you want. Prepare for the company na gusto niyong maging workplace. And, do it everyday like reading and watching Youtbe tutorials. Practice lang kayo magcode.”

Mark, Batch 46 Zuitt Alumni

Instructor Arvin reminded the bootcampers that the practices that Sir Mark used while he was in his coding learning journey really helped him achieve his goals and that learning doesn’t end after the bootcamp.


In every batch, there are three top performers to be hailed. Of course, it’s time for their instructor to share who among them were exceptional. 

Among the graduates, here are Batch 54’s outstanding performers:

  • Batch 54 – 3rd Top Academic Performer: Michael Q.
  • Batch 54 – 2nd Top Academic Performer: Carisma D.
  • Batch 54 – 1st Top Academic Performer: Joseph Y.

Congratulations to the top performers of this batch!


Instructor Alfred was Batch Instructor Arvin’s former Bootcamp instructor, now colleague at Zuitt.

To start, Instructor Alfred shared his journey as a career shifter. His work experience is phenomenal. By sharing his achievements, he emphasized that his goal is to not be boastful but to share his experience and learnings as a notorious career shifter.

As a motivation, he shared this: 

“The thing that prevents you from achieving your goals is the excuse you keep on telling yourself.”

Instructor Alfred

To end the celebration, Instructor Arvin shared a heartfelt message to his now-former students, now graduates.

Congratulations and we wish you all the best, Batch 54 Night Class!

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