Zuitt CEO’s Message on COVID-19

Zuitt is committed to prioritizing its employees’ health and safety. Same goes to its currently enrolled bootcampers and future enrollees.

Weeks before the lockdown announcement from the government, Zuitt Group CEO and Founder, Tomohisa Kato, have already been doing his research about  the COVID-19 outbreak from the other neighbouring countries.

His utmost concern was to inform all his staff of the possible scenarios once the foreseen lockdown is implemented in the country. This has helped lessen the panic among the employees with regards to their safety and security.

The transition to telework was smooth. All employees adapted to the new normal. 

Soon enough, Zuitt Coding Bootcamp became online-class ready. The currently enrolled bootcampers were given options to continue with their training so as not to impede their learning.

As part of the company’s assurance to its employees and clients, Zuitt CEO addressed his message on COVID-19 to the public:

Right now we are faced with an unanticipated Pandemic COVID-19, which is still an evolving matter as of the moment. We wish that you are in your best state possible and are able to adapt to all these uncertainties. Our physical well being plays an important role in our learning journey and we hope that you are observing the safety measures for you and your loved ones’ health.

Many companies and institutions like us are left with no choice, but to hold our activities remotely. Your protection and convenience is our top priority, it is the main reason why we are now shifting all our activities online. Our application, assessment, and orientations are all done using apps readily available for everyone. We are happy that we can still provide online classes to those who are passionate to learn coding with the same quality as our in house lessons. We are hoping that through these efforts, we will be true to our group vision of sharing “opportunities for everyone, everywhere.”

In Zuitt, we believe that knowledge acquisition does not end in the four corners of our lab. Together, we can make this a chance to help you grow yourself as an individual. Through our conscious effort to progress and cooperate with our community, we can overcome this situation. May we all make the most out of this opportunity while at home and shift our focus on things we can control.

We have been and we will always be your lifelong career partner. 

Tomohisa Kato
The Zuitt Group