ONLINE LEARNING: Things You Can Do to Adapt as an Online Student

Adapting to online learning takes perseverance and dedication. 

Saying hello to online learning may be a rough patch for some students or a convenient option to others.

As some of them could be more encouraged to learn with this kind of set up, it could be either exciting or boring. It could be hooray for the introverts and boohoo for the extroverts. But that depends.

If you are among the many students who are more likely to fall in the rough patch category, then you might as well continue reading.

Here are things you can do to start adapting to the online learning world:


Ask yourself if you can handle the next few months of commitment. 

This is not just another social media commitment where our minds can get weirdly wired in. Online Classes are a next-level kind of commitment. You got to be resolute on this one. 

To get the focus that you need, you have to find the best conducive environment for learning. It’s not easy to focus when it’s noisy, messy, or when you’re near your bed. Discipline yourself and don’t fall from your oh-so-loving bed trap. Remember, only you can control and motivate yourself. 


Now, committing to something means involving yourself, your time, your effort and your heart to accomplish things. 

To stay consistent with your commitments, you have to set your goals. This helps with your peace of mind. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve before starting something, especially as big a career training as this, helps you go through with it until the end of the line.

If you are at the comfort of your home, and for some reason your body and mind aren’t cooperating with your goal, try to keep in mind your WHYs.

  • Why did you choose to enroll in this online class?
  • Why do you have to commit to this?
  • Why do you want to learn this?
  • Why should I work hard? Where can this take me after working hard on this goal? 

In accomplishing your goals, Zig Ziglar said it best:

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.” 


Practice good communication with your instructor and co-learners. Communication is key. 

It’s normal to not be able to cope up the same way with others. In learning, we all have our own pacing. 

If there’s something you can’t follow, always contact your instructor and have him/her help you understand. Ask a classmate too. There’s no harm in trying. 

Miscommunications and misinterpretations are normal in any kind of learning set-up. Communicate what’s happening on your end. Don’t let things slip. It will be a waste of money. 

For sure, as the world slowly goes back to the new normal, students would be able to use the same things at a much wider perspective. 

Good luck with your online learning! And remember, to have a focused mindset, to set goals, and to always communicate.

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