At last! Our 45th Batch of Night Class bootcampers has officially completed their Full Stack Web Development training. Their batch was one of the few batches who experienced lab-based instruction and then transitioned via Online Bootcamp amid the pandemic COVID-19.

Batch 45 is also one of the four batches who celebrated their completion last May 6, 2020 via video conferencing for an online commencement.

Congratulations to Batch 45 Night Class! 


To start the event, Batch Instructor Sylvan congratulated all the Bootcamp completers. 

“Congratulations Batch 45! Sobrang tagal ng pagsasama natin.”

Batch Instructor Sylvan


To recognize the talents and skills each bootcamper contributed during the bootcamp, special awards are awarded on commencement day.

To start, Batch Instructor Sylvan gave a quick speech about each special awards. 

The winners of the Special Awards are as follows:

  • Kindness Counts Award: Camille D.
  • Awesome Attitude Award: Sandro M.
  • Confident Kid Award: Ramon Q.
  • Enthusiastic Learner Award: Rod O.
  • Outstandingly Organized Award:  Renver B.
  • Friendly Neighbor Award: Christelle B.
  • Really Responsible Award: Rod O.
  • Most Likely to be Famous Award: Christelle B.
  • Most Likely to Establish Own Startup Someday Award: Rod O.
  • Student Able to Teach Others Award: Renver B.

Congratulations to all Special Award winners!


In every batch, there are three top performers.

“This is for the recognition of the three top bootcampers, simula noong dumugo ang mga ilong natin sa pagcocode, simula noong nananaginip na tayo ng code. Ito yung mga champions. ”

Batch Instructor Sylvan

Among the graduates, here are Batch 45’s outstanding performers:

  • Batch 45 – 3rd Top Academic Performer: Lester T.
  • Batch 45 – 2nd Top Academic Performer: Renver B.
  • Batch 45 – 1st Top Academic Performer: Rod O.

Congratulations to the top performers of this batch!

To end the celebration, Instructor Sylvan shared a heartfelt message to his former students, now graduates.

“Guys, honestly, bilib ako sainyo! Kayo pa lang yung batch ko na nahawakan ko na maraming nangyaring events locally and then internationally. Congrats guys! You deserve it! Mga 1 year or so, chat niyo lang ako, kamustahin niyo lang ako or balitaan niyo ako kamusta na kayo sa journey ninyo in being a Software Engineer. Nandito naman ako palagi. Hindi naman ako mawawala.”

Batch Instructor Sylvan

Congratulations and we wish you all the best, Batch 45 Night Class!

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