Zuitt offers bootcampers Mobile Internet Scholarship

As the COVID-19 pandemic heightened in the country, Zuitt Coding Bootcamp shifted all classes online.

After the discussion among staff regarding all possible case scenarios, the company focused on the continuity of learning  for the currently enrolled bootcampers. 

All bootcampers were given these 2 options:

  • Option 1: To continue their training via online classes. 
  • Option 2: To transfer to the upcoming batches (continue via lab-based instruction).

Instructors reached out to their bootcamp students and  encouraged them to continue with their training so as not to impede their learning. 

Struggles and Challenges

The company understands that not all bootcampers have the necessary equipment for them to be able to continue with their coding classes. One of the most common struggles is the unavailability of a stable  internet connection.

The online classes are done via video calls among the batch bootcampers and their instructor. This requires enough amount of data bandwidth to be conducted. To solve this problem,  Zuitt worked on ways to continuously improve its service. 

Zuitt’s action

To help all willing bootcampers, Zuitt offered a Mobile Internet Scholarship grant. The scholarship is available for the first 100 qualified bootcampers.

Here are the Steps to avail the ₱1000/mo worth of Mobile Internet Scholarship:

  • Step 1: Check your eligibility.
    • Do you have an unstable or no internet connection at home?
    • Are you committed to continuing your learning?
    • Are you willing to subscribe to a new monthly data promo and submit its proof to Zuitt?
  • Step 2: Fill out the application form sent to you by your instructors.
  • Step 3: Wait patiently as we review your application.
    • *subject for approval
  • Step 4: Sign an agreement once you are approved.
  • Step 5: Time to relive the bootcamper life again! Enjoy the online class.

Note: Make sure to commit to your classes and maintain good performance to fully enjoy this!