The Highest of Fives | Batch 5 Night Class Graduation

Tuitt is proud to announce that a new batch of developers are set to join the IT Industry as our 5th Batch of Night Class students have officially finished their training!

Their graduation ceremony was held last November 28 at the Caswynn classroom, where they spent the last 6 months learning Full Stack Web Development every night.

For the opening remarks, it was instructor Lourence Jaromay who took the stage. “Now that you have finished the bootcamp, you’ve faced challenges but acquired more skills.” he said. “You’ve faced different problems but you found solutions. Despite the problems, obstacles, and hurdles, you persevered. Now you’re more ready to face your IT careers.”

Instructor Lourence Jaromay

Instructor Jaromay would conclude his opening remarks with this: “Don’t stop learning. With the rapid changes in our world, we as developers need to cope. Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.”

After the opening remarks, it would be our guest alumni speaker’s turn to talk to the graduating class. Emmanuelle A. came from Tuitt’s 3rd Night Class Batch and he came up to start sharing his experiences with his peers. He started work as a graphic artist but his real love was for coding. “I became the front end developer for my company after being their graphic artist for a few years and that’s when I realised I didn’t have the necessary skills since the technology outgrew me. That’s why I joined Tuitt.”

Alumni Speaker Emmanuelle A.

He would also share his struggles and how he overcame them. “At first it was hard juggling both my job and attending night classes at Tuitt. At times I thought to myself why I joined in the first place but I kept on. The hard work paid off in the end because I was awarded the 2nd best position in my class.”

Before he ended his talk, he left the class with this thought on looking for work after graduating: “Be aggressive but not desperate. Gain a foundation and be ready for the world.”

With Mr. Abendan’s closing words, it was finally time to award the students for their successful training! Certificates of Recognition were given out to the graduates by Tuitt CTO Allister Alambra.

The graduates of the Batch 5 Night Class are 9 in total.

After the certificates were given out, it was then time to hear from our special guest speaker from the IT Industry, Ruel N.

Industry Speaker Ruel Guston Nopal

Mr. Nopal was a self-taught programmer and a full-time freelance developer. Now he is the co-organizer of Digital Ocean Magazine and strives to help fellow dev ops and programmers hone their skills for people who want to learn and connect.

He started off by chronicling his journey into coding. “I wasn’t really a programmer at first. I started as a civil engineer. I only got an idea for programming when I started work back in 2004.” he shared. “One day, my company decided to hire a freelance programmer and he was using my work computer to program and develop. That’s when I first got an idea of coding and programming.”

He would then talk about how he would use his salary to buy programming books and how his very first investment was actually his computer. Although it would become his career, he said, “I never formally learned how to code or program in school. I would study online or buy books and devote time everyday to learn. No matter what my job was and no matter what I’ve already learned, I would just keep learning”

Although he never did formally learn how to code, Mr. Nopal now runs his own company thanks to the one big lesson he learned throughout his years in coding, and one he has imparted to the graduating class. That lesson is to: “JUST KEEP LEARNING”

After the riveting speech by Mr. Nopal, we headed into the most exciting part of the event: The Special Awards!

The Top Performers for the 5th Batch of Night Class graduates were:

3rd Top Performer: Ristylou D.

2nd Top Performer: Joseph A.

1st Top Performer: Efraim L.

Next would be the Student Voted award. The recipients of said awards were voted by their peers.

First up would be the “Kindness Counts Award” which was won by Derick C.

Then a dual winner would appear as both the “Most Likely To Establish Their Own Startup Award” and the “Student Best Able To Teach Others Award”. Both went to Jason DT.

After the awards were given out, Instructor Billy Arante would step up and give his final words of advice to the class. “The past 6 months were tough for all of us but through your perseverance, you’re all here graduating.” He then added, “Our teachings don’t end here. I hope all the best practices you learned you won’t forget.”

Instructor Billy Arante

Finally, Instructor Billy would give these 3 last pieces of advice to the graduating class:

  • First: Cultivate your core values as a person and as a developer. Focus, expand, and keep learning everyday
  • Second: Find a mentor. You don’t know every single thing about anything. There will be someone better than you and finding that person will help you grow more as a developer.
  • Third: Cultivate gratitude. Whether it’s a good or bad experience, a good or bad person, you need to cherish those experiences because they will help you grow as a person. Those experiences will be the ones to help you grow as a developer.

After these last 3 statements were said, Instructor Billy thanked the class for trusting Tuitt team and investing their time and effort into the class.

With that, the ceremony ended and it was finally time to eat, be merry, and enjoy the festivities.

Congratulations once again to the graduates of the 5th Batch of Night Classes! Good luck and God speed!