A new set of developers from Zuitt are joining the IT Industry. Our 43rd Batch of Day Class students have officially completed their training! 

Their graduation ceremony was held last December 13, 2019 at the Caswynn Building in Quezon City, where they spent the last 3 months learning web development in our coding bootcamp.


Before the festivities began, Batch 43’s instructor Charles Quimpo came up to give an opening address to the graduating class. He offered the class his congratulations and recounts their experiences during the bootcamp.

“The past 3 months have been long and hard but your group persevered and formed a strong camaraderie with one another” stated instructor Quimpo. “Make sure you keep that spirit of camaraderie and the grit you developed when you go into the workplace. It will definitely help you out.”

And with that, instructor Quimpo opened the commencement exercises.


After the opening remarks, it was time to give out the special awards to the graduating batch! These winners were nominated by their own classmates which makes them extra special in their own right. The following students were awarded: 

  • Kindness Counts Award: Ana C.
  • Friendly Neighbour Award: Mc M.
  • Enthusiastic Learner Award: Philippe M.
  • Outstandingly Organized Award: Stephanie L.
  • Really Responsible Award: Paul P.
  • Awesome Attitude Award: Mc M.
  • Student Best Able to Teach Others Award: Cedrick T.
  • Most Likely to be Famous Someday Award: Allison L.
  • Most Likely To Establish a Startup Award: Allison L.
  • Confident Kid Award: Arnel A.


After the special awards, we went straight into the awarding of the certificates of completion! This certificate is presented to those who successfully complete our intensive coding bootcamp.

The graduates of the Batch 43 Day Class are 25 in total.


Finally, it was time to give recognition to the students who worked the hardest during the 3-month training and gained the edge over the rest of the class. Instructor Quimpo handed the certificates as the class cheered on their peers. 

These are Batch 43 Day Class’ Top Academic Performers: 

3rd Top Academic Performer: Marlou T.

2nd Top Academic Performer: Cedrick T.

1st Top Academic Performer: Allison L.

Each top academic performer gave an uplifting speech to their peers and thanked them all for helping one another reach up to this point in the bootcamp.


Before the graduation came to a close, Instructor Quimpo imparted a few more words of advice for graduating class. 

“Congratulations again on taking your first step into becoming full-fledged web developers. The world out there can be rough but you’ve shown how tough you are in this bootcamp and I implore you to keep the camaraderie you’ve developed with your fellow bootcampers out there.

And always remember you have a place here in Zuitt. Come back and say hi if you’d like and we’d definitely love it if you’d bring some pizza and beer.”, instructor Quimpo joked as the class laughed to end the ceremony.

Congratulations once again to the graduates of the 43rd Batch of Day Classes!

We wish you all the best in your IT careers!